Curtains Measuring Guide

Here you will find our handy measuring guide...

Before you start:

  • Affix the track or pole before taking your measurements.
  • The track or pole should extend beyond the window at either side, to allow room for the curtains to be drawn back off the window during the day. We recommend a minimum of 8" or 20cm.


Measure the track or pole size, NOT the window itself.

 Measure the width of a track from end to end.

  If the track overlaps in the middle you must include the overlap measurement.

 Measure the width of your pole between the decorative finials.


 For tracks: Measure from the top of your track to allow it to be hidden by the curtains.

 For poles: Measure from the underside of the curtain ring to allow the pole to be seen above the curtains.

For eyelet curtains: measure from the top of the pole.

For tab-headed curtains: measure from the top of the pole, please remember we need the diamater of your pole when making tab tops. 


Measure from the correct point to:

  • 0.5cm/0.25" above the sill for SILL length.
  • the desired length for BELOW-SILL length.
  • 0.5cm/0.25" above the floor for FULL length.

Please note it is best to measure at several different points when measuring floor length and sill length, this is because the floor or sill may not be level. The measurement we need is the shortest measurement to ensure the curtains do not touch/drag.

If you are unsure where you would like your curtains to sit, or would like some advise regarding unlevel floors, we offer a free measuring service within a 30 mile radius from Chichester. Just give us a call on 01243 839850 to book an appointment.