Woodline Poles


These come as a 28mm, 35mm and 50mm diameter wooden pole and is ideal for heavyweight curtains and eyelet curtains. This pole comes in set sizes and can be cut down to suit your size. Pole sizes 240cm and above come in 2 pieces with a centre joiner.


120cm   – £26.99

150cm   – £31.99

180cm  –  £33.99

200cm  –  £38.99

240cm  –  £42.99

300cm  –  £58.99

360cm  –  £69.99


120cm   – £46.99

150cm   – £50.99

180cm  –  £53.99

200cm  –  £58.99

240cm  –  £62.99

300cm  –  £78.99

360cm  –  £89.99


180cm  –  £112.99

200cm  –  £129.99

240cm  –  £142.99

300cm  –  £159.28

360cm  –  £176.47

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The ball finial design comes in 28mm, 35mm and 50mm diameter, presented as a complete pole kit.

This pole offers a glossier paint finish to enhance the more classic and traditional wood pole finish.

Additional information

Pole Colour

White, Cream, Light Oak, Rosewood, Dark Oak, Black

Pole Sizes

28mm 120cm, 28mm 150cm, 28mm 180cm, 28mm 200cm, 28mm 240cm, 28mm 300cm, 28mm 360cm, 35mm 120cm, 35mm 150cm, 35mm 180cm, 35mm 200cm, 35mm 240cm, 35mm 300cm, 35mm 360cm, 50mm 180cm, 50mm 200cm, 50mm 240cm, 50mm 300cm, 50mm 360cm