Rose and Hubble Fabric Plain Cotton Poplin Oddies


With a soft, smooth handle and great drape this fabric is ideal for quilting, craft and clothing applications. 130gsm

Washing Instructions – Manufacturer says: 40 degree machine wash. Medium tumble-dry. We strongly recommend testing a small piece first to be sure.





Reference: Rose and Hubble Fabric Plain Cotton Poplin Oddies
Fabric Width: 112cm
Composition: 100% Cotton Poplin
Suitable for: Craft & Dressmaking
Colours: Beige,  Black, Blush, Bottle, Bright Red, Brown, Candy Blue,  Cerise, Chartreuse, Claret, Copen, Emerald, Green, Grey, Iris, Ivory, Lemon, Light Grey,  Light Pink, Lotus, Midnight, Mint, Natural Seeded,  Navy,  Orange, Pale Blue, Peacock, Pink, Pistachio, Plum, Purple, Royal, Sage, Scarlet, Sky, Sugar Pink , White,  Wodge, Yellow

Additional information

Fabric Colours

White-1, Ivory-2, Cream-3, Vanilla-4, Natural Seeded-5, Nude-6, Beige-7, Tan-8, Bamboo-9, Silver Mink-10, Biscuit-11, Brunette-12, Chocolate-13, Lemon-14, Sunshine-15, Corn Yellow-16, Gold-17, Orange-18, Hot Tomato-19, Paprika-20, Peach-21, Blush-22, Coral-23, Rose-24, Raspberry-25, Scarlet-26, Red-27, Light Pink-28, Pink-29, Fuchsia-30, Bright Pink-32, Pomegranate-32, Crimson-33, Claret-34, Light Lilac-35, Lavender-36, Amethyst-37, Magenta-38, Imperial-39, Purple-40, Sky-41, Chambray-42, Powder Blue-43, Candy Blue-44, Cyan-45, Slate-46, Cadet Blue-47, Peacock-48, Sapphire-49, Marine-50, Royal-51, Copen-52, Navy-53, Midnight-54, Ice Green-55, Mint-56, Apple-57, Chartreuse-58, Lime-59, Emerald-60, Fir-61, Teal-62, Baltic-63, Jade-64, Moss-65, Sage-66, Khaki-67, Bottle-68, Misty Blue-69, Light Grey-70, Silver-71, Elephant-72, School Grey-73, Dark Grey-74, Black-75

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