Double Pinch Pleat Curtains

Double Pinch pleat curtains are a fantastic way to finish any window, and they can be hung on poles or tracks as the hooks can be adjusted accordingly.

Double Pinch pleat curtains require a minimum 2.25x gather of your window.
We use 5” Buckram as standard, but we have available 4” and 6” depending on your preferences.

The curtain header is made to the exact size required.

We would recommend lining your curtains with a sateen, blackout, or thermal lining, and we can interline your curtains if wanted/required. We would recommend interlining Silk or thin Linens to protect the fabric and add weight to your curtains.

Our price guide for Pinch pleat curtains is as follows:

Custom Curtaining: Price per width:
Triple/Double Pinch pleat lined/unlined £50
   -with buttons, extra £10
Hand sewn (i.e. Velvet) extra £10
Interlined and Hand sewn, (i.e. Silk) extra £20
Lead/far/bottom/top border, extra £10 (per border)
Over 250cm drop, extra £10 (per 100cm)
Over 600cm wide in one pair/curtain, extra £10
Custom Tiebacks: Price per pair:
Halfmoon stiffened Tiebacks, plain £35
   -piped top and bottom, extra £10
Straight soft Tiebacks, plain £25
   -piped top and bottom, extra £10

Prices correct April 2021


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