Pencil Pleat Pelmets

Pencil pleat pelmets are a fantastic way to finish any window, and they are great for awkward windows where fixing is problematic, covering unsightly areas, and disguising white tracks.

Pencil pleat pelmets require a minimum 2x gather of your window and can be straight or shaped.
We use 3” Rufflette tape as standard, but we have available 1”, 2” and 6” depending on your preferences.

We would recommend lining your pelmets with a sateen lining, and we can interline your pelmets if wanted/required. We would recommend interlining Silk or thin Linen’s to protect the fabric and add weight to your pelmet.

Our Labour price guide for Pencil pleat pelmets is as follows:

 Prices correct Nov 2022

Custom Pelmets

Price Per Width

Pencil pleat lined/unlined


–          Shaped (i.e scalloped, stepped, curved) add

£10.00 each

–          Braid/trim/decorative item add

£10.00 each